Wednesday, July 25, 2007

look ma, no colic!

after a couple of whiny days, the little man is pretty chilled today! (although he did have a little freakout as i tried to eat lunch. so much so that i missed the purolator man trying to deliver hubby's hgtv player for review.)

it's a relief though. hubby and i have this paranoia that he is colicky, or will develop it if he doesn't have it yet! our neighbours suffered through it for months, as did we since their baby's room was directly across from ours.

however, i've gathered from obsessively reading up on the subject, that colic tends to run in a series of threes (i.e. crying for 3 hours, 3 days in a row, etc), and since today is the third day, it can't be, right? today he was relatively minor compared to yesterday and the day before. so i'm glad, not to mention relieved, about this.

had a pleasant afternoon that began after his minor freakout session at lunch. after an early start to the day, i decided to feed him in bed. feeding him while we're both laying down tends to result in more sleep for both of us. he ate for about half an hour, and afterwards we both drifted off to sleep. when i next looked at the clock, it was 2.5 hours later!! i couldn't believe i'd slept that long. i was about to get up to enjoy a few minutes by myself, when i noticed he was waking up himself... and he was hungry!

i took him downstairs to feed him but he fell asleep again after 30 mins. so i laid him in his crib. and he continued to sleep! this has been the biggest challenge lately! he'll sleep on anyone, anytime, but as soon as he's put down, he wakes up and starts wailing! except at night. which i guess we should be thankful for as the trade-off!

as he started to wake up, i ran a bath for him, and plopped him in before he had a chance to fuss. he was so happy to be in, seemed amused by a couple farts he let out (typical male), that i kept him in longer than usual.

so today has been a good day. i even had enough time for myself where i actually got a bit choked up thinking about how much i love the little bugger and how lucky i am! ;)

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