Wednesday, July 18, 2007

life in the slow lane

have you eve noticed how much of a hurry everyone is in? how a normally plesant person can become so rude when they feel you've gotten into their way for the sheer reason of slowing them down?

i used to be one of those people, esp. when driving. it's actually made me refuse to get one of those 'baby on board' signs - so people wouldn't see me speeding like a fiend and judging me to be the worst parent in the world. i normally tried to avoid getting stuck behind those people because i knew they'd be going like 2 km/hour.

well the other day i was driving with the baby to his hearing test and, when i saw the place, put on the signal and proceeded to turn to drive into the parking lot. out of nowhere, the car behind me blares his horn and tears around me, tires squealing. excuse me, asshole! i think. the baby is finally sleeping and i don't really want to wake him by jerking his head violently to the side with any sudden movements!

a big thing, it seems, is that i really have no reason to be in a hurry. i remember the first couple days after recovering from the delivery when i would take him out power-walking in his stroller. i had to tell myself to slow down and enjoy a new leisurely pace. although we now live in a small city by comparison, i lived in toronto for 5 years and continued to work downtown once we moved here for greener pastures and fresher air three years ago, up until the week before i gave birth. i was used to being in a hurry!

i really noticed it yesterday when we got to the pediatrician's office and the waiting room was filled with babies and their parents. my first instinct was to get mad that they overbooked and i stopped myself from inquiring how long till i could see the doc as i realized...i had nowhere else to go! this was my first time out of the house in days and i was pissy that i couldn't rush back to it?!

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