Monday, July 23, 2007

*yawn*. on afternoon naps

i have a hard time putting the baby down for naps in the afternoon. he falls asleep easily enough when feeding or when i carry him, but not sooner than a few minutes after i put him down ... wahhhhh! it makes for a fairly long day, i must say, esp. when i'm barely going on any sleep myself. sometimes i'm close to wailing with him.

right now i'm feeding him, again, for the third time in two hours. after his bath, i breastfed him for about 35-40 mins, we threw a load of laundry in (i held him in one hand), then went for a stroll in the backyard... he still seemed hungry and cranky so i made up a bottle of about 40 mL... he lazily drank that (as i began to doubt he was hungry). afterwards i rocked with him in our new glider we finally got on the weekend (ordered before he was born but that's another story), walked around with him throughout the house...and finally he fell asleep. i figured i'd put him down in his bassinet so he'd feel a bit more snug, as if i was still holding him. i went downstairs with the monitor to throw the laundry into the dryer, when i heard his cries come wailing through. and so here i am, again! i don't know if what i'm doing is bad, but man! it quiets him down pretty quick!

but really. he can go a whole day without a nap longer than 2o mins. by the early evening, we're normally so cranky and exhausted that we both collapse. then normally my mom comes to visit and complains that he's sleeping, and hubby soon after. usually mondays are the worst... i wonder if babies can get a case of the mondays?

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