Friday, July 20, 2007

greener pastures

hubby had his wisdom teeth (finally!) removed a couple of days ago, so he's been at home with us for most of this week. i was worried i'd have two babies to look after, but he's actually doing pretty well. it's been awesome for me to have an extra pair of hands so i can get some stuff done around the house (tidy up, finish writing my shower thank you cards, laundry...), AND he's been getting up with the baby in the morning to feed him, letting me sleep in, a pretty big luxury these days!

we have this fantasy about quitting our day jobs, buying a small hobby farm in the country somewhere, maybe having a half dozen more kids (ok, that part of the fantasy is mine), and just sort of living off the land. since the baby was born, esp. in the first couple weeks, our only reprieve was to get in the car and drive until he fell asleep, and discover new areas around us where we might be able to do this. totally, completely crazy, but it sounds nice lovely, no? ;)

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